About Us

Tiotours.travel (together with all its software for both web and mobile) is a subsidiary of Tio Tours and Travel, a travel company registered by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau and regulated by the Laws of the Republic of Uganda. Tiotours.travel has pooled together a variety of services essential to travelers to make traveling more fun and enjoyable by removing the need to move from site to site booking for individual services. At Tiotours.travel, expect to find the best tour packages, hotels, cars, rental spaces, boats, flights, and so much more.

Tiotours.travel understands the pains involved in shifting from one platform to another looking for hotels, cars, rentals, boats, or your next flight. We present to you the one-stop booking platform to meet your booking needs in a single place. Choose between web, android, or IOS and gain the same experience wherever you feel comfortable accessing Tiotours.travel from. 

Tiotours.travel brings you the most comfortable hotels to sleep in across the world ranging from 3-star to 5-star hotels at the very best prices. Browse through our catalog of hotels, choose one that suits your next destination and rest all your worries regarding accommodation.

At Tiotours.travel, you're guaranteed to find your next automotive for hire across the world. Be it a personal, service, or functional vehicle, you are always at the right place for your perfect ride as our Tiotours.travel service providers are dedicated to making your movements across the places as much effortless as possible.

Moving from one home to another is never a stress-free activity, Tiotours.travel washes away your worries by bringing you the most amazing homes around the world for you and your family where you can live and develop in peace and harmony. Check out our rental spaces to find your next home now. 

Living without play and fun is quite next to impossible, Tiotours.travel brings you tour packages designed to unleash your inner joy and happiness. With tour packages organized across the world, your next destination is just as far as your decision from you. Browse through our worth-a-living tour packages and choose exactly what meets your dream exploration experience, we guarantee to lead you through every step of happiness and excitement.

We are partnering with Safari Booking (https://www.safaribookings.com ) to bring our the best of your travel ventures.

And all that comes with full 24/7 customer support. Yes, we are here for you every second you need us.